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Njaya Lodge is situated on Chikale Beach just 2 kms outside the vibrant port town of Nkhata Bay, which is 50km east of Mzuzu in the Northern Region of Malawi


Nkhata Bay is one of the most scenic villages on the entire lakeshore and consists of two bays separated by a long narrow peninsular surrounded by the rolling hills of the southern Rift Valley.

The bustling town is a trading port with fisherman, traders and businessmen from Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania plying their wares.. The town has a large food and clothing market selling everything from mangoes and avocadoes to colourful chitenges (sarongs) as well as numerous grocery and hardware stores.  

There are a selection of local restaurants and bars, a post office, banks and ATM's and several internet cafes.


But for the tourists there is plenty to do; diving with Aqua Africa, tours to nearby tea, rubber and macadamia estates, trips by boat to remote beaches to jump off rocks, snorkel in the lake or simply sit and play with the local village kids.

If you want to go further, tours can be arranged to Usisya, Nyika Plateau, Vwaza Marsh or South Luangwa in neighbouring Zambia.

The MV Ilala docks at Nkhata Bay on its way from and to the islands of Likoma and Chisimulu and on the way north to Karonga.  You can either sleep under the stars and travel deck class or book a cabin for a more comfortable passage!  Tickets can be obtained from the port office. 

Buses, shared taxis and taxis are plentiful from Nkhata Bay.

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