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sounds and sites of njaya and malawi

The film documents the finish of the Mzimo Cookery School in Nkhata bay in Malawi.

In September 2012 a One Small Seed Team went to Nkhata Bay, to finalize the work on the Mzimo Cookery School. The school is operated voluntary by James and Dickson Phiri.

Producer: One Small Seed e.V. (
DOP: Uli Schuster (
Editor: Kai Uwe Lipphardt (
Music: York Ostermayer ( The journey begins! A team of Earth Touch filmmakers sets off across southern Africa towards Lake Malawi -- the continent's third-largest lake and the home of an amazingly diverse family of freshwater fish: the cichlids.

During our stay at Njaya Lodge in the lovely Nkhata Bay of Lake Malawi, we discovered this musical gem. The whole experience turned out to be one of the most authentic and interesting musical adventures of our journey.


This is Mattias Stålnacke, founder of Spare Dog Records and Moto Wambili Studios. He ended up in Malawi after taking half a year off work in Sweden to go travelling in East Africa in 2011. Deciding that his work as a musician, music teacher and music producer could just as well be done in Africa, Mattias has been alternating life in Malawi and Europe ever since.

A crazy idea

It must have been about 3 years ago; me sitting in that small room in the Kakumbi village in Nkhata Bay, northern Malawi. I had been invited to check out a rehearsal of a local band I’d met a few days before – and so there I was, armed with a camera and an extra microphone. The room was crowded with people; some playing, some dancing and some kids just staring wide-eyed. It was hot and sticky, the naked light bulb gave a harsh light but the air was vibrant. With seven vocal cords, a pair of half broken acoustic guitars (with about eight strings between them) and a homemade drum kit (scrap metal, bottle caps and cow skins) there was something powerful going on. Electric music. Raw energy.

I think that’s where the idea started, that’s where the dream of doing something really crazy formed. And then it grew…for more information see 

A cheeky music video of them performing their song "Ana Amughetto".
Thanks to Mattias for sharing his project and to Bear Jam Productions for the assistant filming.

Brought to you by Daring Dynamos - cycling the world for the ultimate musical experience, all in aid of War Child UK.
Sound editor: Mattias Stålnacke
Assistant filming: Bear Jam Productions (

A feature length documentary
Despite unbelievable circumstances, young Malawian William Kamkwamba builds a power-generating windmill from scraps parts, effectively rescuing his family from famine and poverty. This feature-length documentary tells the story of a unique individual whose incredible invention sets in motion a series of events that will forever change his life See 

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