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good things come

Njaya Lodge has been instrumental in the development of tourism in the town of Nkhata Bay. It has integrated successfully into the local community and is very much a 'part' of the town.

Njaya has no walls or fences and the lodge is open to all members of the community and visitors alike.

Being the first tourism facility in Nkhata Bay we made it our policy to help develop the local industry. 80% of the staff that currently work at the lodge are from the locality; were trained 'in house' and have been with us since we opened in 1993.

Over the years some great charitable projects have started in and around Njaya and nkhata Bay and here are a selection of our favourites.

Mzimo cookery school

james our Head chef and dixon his brother our waiter with the help of the One Small Seed charity started a coookery school just a short walk from Njaya, here;s their story.

cooking for a better future

The project cooking for a better future have Jörg and Kerstin Poppendieck initiated. The two have told us of the brothers Dickson and James Phiri, they have met on a trip to Malawi. Dickson and James operate in their spare time for about 10 years in the village Nkahta Bay under the simplest conditions, a cooking school. Full-time they work directly at a lodge at the picturesque Lake Malawi .

There is not much that Dickson and James need for their cooking school, but they can not afford it anyway. Cutlery, pots and dishes are high on their list. Also, a stove or a refrigerator they have not yet. But even if she could not use because there is no electricity. It would cost just 1000 euros to relocate a power line from the street to the cooking school.

Here in Germany a cooking school would be such unthinkable. Here in Malawi, it is a sensation. Every form and James Dickson, the founder of the cooking school, young people from Malawi as cooks and waiters. The training is free , just for the food to be paid a small mite. Dickson and James have established on their farm, the first private cooking school in Malawi. They run the cooking school in her spare time, although the school does not cost them much time. But it is a labor of love for them. Therefore, they invest every Malawian Kwacha they can spare in their school.

After a visit to the school last year, it was clear that we want to support and James Dickson. We find it amazing how two men who barely have enough money to feed their own families, young people want to have a future. Malawi is one of the poorest and at the same time most beautiful countries in Africa. The people are warm and friendly, although most every day struggle to survive.

Our goal is to enable the brothers a better basis for the work in their cooking school. For this purpose two buildings to be built. The first building the new kitchen will find its place including the necessary equipment, the second building is designed as a bedroom. Sanitary facilities should not be missed of course. In addition, a power and water supply will need to be built. One of the buildings will also be used as a teaching space


Brick by Brick is a small UK registered charity with the sole purpose of building schools in developing countries.

Brick by Brick started to build three schools in rural areas of Malawi in the summer of 2009. It has now completed six schools and is working on two more. These are located in two regions of Malawi. In the Kasungu region they are located in the communities of Chiheni and Kalimaziche, and in the Nkhata Bay region we have built in Tuwanda, Chittowe, Monsanto and Kamwala


Brick by Brick is also building further schools at its existing school blocks to expand their capacity. It is providing scholarships to orphan students to attend Secondary schools. A girls dormitory is also being funded at Mphonga Secondary School.


Brick by Brick was founded by David Aarons and Sarah Vallance-Goode and the funding to date has been provided by them. However other funds have been very kindly given by other individuals or groups, most notably the Leys School in Cambridge.

one small seed

One Small Seed Association helps people living in poverty. To allow them a separate way out of poverty, and we accompany finance various projects. We can work with the local people ideas and support them in their implementation. All donations and membership fees are 100% invested in the projects.  


for more information see




HOPEmalawi  are a group of people from Nkhata Bay in Malawi who are committed to promoting community led, sustainable development projects in the Nkhata Bay area. We are keen to meet as many like minded people in Malawi, and all over the world, as we can. Find out more about us and explore our website.


Our mission is simple but challenging.
HOPE-malawi aims to provide the environment and tools to enable local people to build sustainable futures for themselves and their families.

The Tsitsikamma to Tataouine or T2T is a group of friends travelling from South Africa right to top of Africa, along the way they are staying wit us and building a school vegetable garden at the Msimo cookery school

here's their route:


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