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snorkelling & scuba diving

Lake Malawi is one of the worlds largest freshwater lakes, and in fact its so big its not classed as a lake but as an inland sea. The lake which is 365 miles long and 52 miles wide is home to thousands of colourful and unique cichlid fish.


We an average temperture of 25 degress it is the perfect place to snorkel amongst the rocks close to the beach to swim amongst the numnerous schools of fish


Free snorkelling equipment is available at Njaya, and for those that wish to learn how to scuba dive Aqua Africa in Nkhata Bay is the place to go. They offer PADI qualifications from Open Water 1 to Advannced Diver


Aqua Africa Scuba Diving School is located in Nkhata Bay, right on the shores of the beautiful Lake Malawi. The Bay is legendary amongst travellers to Africa – famous for its crystal clear warm water and laid-back atmosphere.


The lake is teeming with an array of tropical fish – it is home to hundreds of species found nowhere else on earth. And on top of that, Malawi’s gorgeous Rift Valley scenery is reflected under the waters of the lake – creating a stunning marine landscape of dramatic rock formations, caverns and cliffs. These features make it one of the world’s top fresh water dive locations.


You don’t need any previous experience to explore this magical world – we offer a full range of PADI courses. For beginners, you can choose from a half-day Discover Scuba Diving experience, to a full four-day Open Water course. For those who are already qualified we are able to offer refresher and advanced courses, as well as a variety of speciality dives. For many divers, the Lake is their first chance to do a freshwater dive, as well as a dive at altitude.


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