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how we work

The Staff of the lodge are Njaya’s biggest asset. Judging from our visitors book we’re delighted to see that you think so too! All 18 of them are more than just employees, over time they have become friends. Many of the staff actually helped to build Njaya in 1993 and most of them have been with Njaya from them until now.


Each person has their own lovable foibles but we really couldn’t do without any of them. We know all of their families, their problems and their successes and over the years we have all grown up together. 


When we came to Chikale in 1992 it was small village on the outskirts of the town. Over the years we have seen a real community develop around Njaya thanks to your help and custom.  Many of the staff and their families have been able to afford to build their own houses and all of the children are able to go to school.  

We hope that you enjoy sitting, talking and hopefully laughing with them during your stay at Njaya and please if you get any nice photos of them please email us or add them to the Njaya Lodge Facebook page (and give it a like!).


Lastly please remember that there is a staff tip box conveniently situated in the office where you will pay your bill. If you have had good service from our staff please remember them….


Thanks and have a fantastic holiday! 




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